Our work focuses on the person as the central point. It is important to us that the individual can have his funds at all times to be able to make financial transactions, buying and selling, transfers, giving gifts and all the possible range of movements imaginable.

Blondcoin works with the following pillars as a base:

Blondcoin works to develop an environment in which beginners can easily enter the world of cryptocurrencies.


One of the main objectives of the Blondcoin network is liquidity. To achieve this we are creating the network and the tools to facilitate the whole process.


Our network seeks to protect people's privacy as a universal right. For this reason we are using and developing open source tools, verifiable and auditable by anyone.


The only person in possession of your money should be you. The development of our ecosystem focuses on giving you total control over your money at all times.



With the use of BLONDCOIN in different DAPPS and systems, BLONDCOIN's own ecosystem will evolve into one of the largest on the planet.
BLONDCOIN focuses on being a currency of massive use.

We are currently working on the following:


The market is one of our main projects.

The first stage of the market is to "create a market" of products that can be bought and sold with Blondcoin.

In this first stage the objective is to have more than 150 different products by the end of 2020.

In the second stage we will take the market to the blockchain.

The third step is to allow anyone to create DECENTRALIZED MARKETPLACES, using the Ethereum blockchain.


Blondcoin market

Lear crypto


Another major project is the publishing and content management platform: LEARN CRYPTO lncryptos.com

This platform allows the publication of content on cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance, governance, decentralization and all related topics.

The platform rewards content creators with BLONDCOIN, which promotes the distribution of the BLO token.

The platform allows interested parties to publish sponsored content, giving advertisers the opportunity to present relevant information about their sites and businesses to readers in the industry.

Advertisers pay with Blondcoin.

Content creators may sell content creation services on the MARKET, and then publish it on the platform on behalf of third parties.



Transversal projects are components used in several major projects.

Among them we have:

Blondcoin connect wordpress plugin

Blondcoin connect wordpress plugin

This plugin allows you to register with Metamask on sites that work with Wordpress.

Blondcoin connect WP
Blondcoin donations wordpress plugin

Blondcoin donations wordpress plugin

This Wordpress plugin allows you to receive donations (Blondcoin, and Ethereum tokens) on your wordpress site.

Blondcoin donations WP
Rover Wallet

Rover Wallet - browser extension

Rover Wallet is a browser extension focused on the correct operability of DECENTRALIZED MARKETPLACES.

Rover Wallet
45,000,000 BLO

Token Name: BLONDCOIN | Symbol: BLO | Decimals: 18